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Our Philosophy

Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company Limited Vision 2020

Our Ambition

Rejoicing in the Universal Need
for a Healthier, More Active Life

People want to live healthy, active lives. They want to enjoy good health for as many years as possible.
As a consumer healthcare business unit, it is our duty to help them achieve this.

We will fully utilize our medical knowledge and experience, which has been built up over our long history,
to provide high-quality products for personal care and self-medication,
including products that offer preventative care and light treatment.

We turn dreams into reality. With our help, people will stay healthy longer, and enjoy more from life.
They can devote themselves to work or hobbies, travel to places they always wanted to visit,
eat good food, and spend more time with friends and family.

Takeda Consumer Healthcare Company Limited was built on the universal values of Takeda-ism.
Guided by these principles, we will always be by the side of our customers,
taking joy in contributing to their well-being.

Our Business

Pioneering New Fields in Japan
and New Markets in Asia

In the Japanese market, we will continue to nurture and protect
core brands such as Alinamin and Benza. We will enter new fields,
including Rx-to-OTC switching, general use testing kits, health foods,
and medicinal cosmetics. These fields will comprise a substantial
part of our portfolio by 2020.

Starting with Asia, we will pursue business opportunities overseas.
We will develop a base of customers for products such as Alinamin and
Hicee, and secure a lasting increase in market share in foreign markets.
We will establish in Asia the same positive brand value we have
created in Japan.

Our Organization

Striving Together With a Sense
of Urgency to Create New Value

Our industry is constantly changing, and so are the health and beauty
needs of our customers.
We will always stay alert to new needs, even
those that customers themselves are not yet aware of.
We will swiftly
provide products that match these needs ahead of our competitors.

To make this happen, every part of our organization will work
together to the best of our ability in a common cause.
We will
endeavor to reward employees that share our sense of mission.
will create an environment in which all of our people, regardless of department, organization, or country, are able to face the
challenges of the future without fear of failure.