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President’s Message

When it comes to supporting your health,
we're committed to putting you first

Our mission at Takeda Consumer Healthcare is to continue to contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy by delivering our brand of excellent products and reliable information to people who want to enjoy long-lasting health and lead active lives.

While Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world, the country is also facing the issue of a rapidly declining population due to a falling birth rate and an aging society.
By 2025, all the post-war baby boomers will have turned 75 and, in 2040, the number of elderly people will peak as the following generation reaches the age of 65.

According to estimates of social security benefit costs, medical expenses in 2040 will increase from the current 40 trillion yen to approximately 70 trillion yen, while the working population (15 to 64-year-olds) is expected to decrease by about 17%.

In this context, extending healthy life expectancy is an urgent issue for Japan, and the government has set a goal to extend them by at least three years by 2040.

By using the knowledge and experience in pharmaceuticals we have accumulated in the 239 years since the founding of Takeda Pharmaceutical, we strive to support people's health in realms such as self-care and self-medication through our brand of excellent products and reliable information.

Our growth strategy is based on the customer-first perspective that comes from our vision. In addition, all of our divisions will work together effectively to develop initiatives focused on the following four strategic themes that are pivotal to our growth:

  • 1.Developing Alinamin and Benza into megabrands while cultivating our basic brands
  • 2.Incorporating Rx-to-OTC switch drugs
  • 3.Rebuilding our online operations
  • 4.Growing our Chinese operations, including by appealing to tourists

As a member of the Takeda Group, we at Takeda Consumer Healthcare will continue to remain faithful to our Brand Promise through contributing to people's health by continuing to deliver excellent products and reliable information.

Mari Nogami